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Introducing MuchBetter, ‘Anti-Fraud Solution of the Year’

  By - Stephen   On 2023-03-17T00:06:17

In 2022, MuchBetter won the ‘Anti-FraudSolution of the Year’award at theannualFStech Awards.

These awardscelebrateexcellence within the finance industry, and recognised MuchBetterforthemeticuloussecurity measuresit has in place to protect its customers around the world andprovide a truly safe and securepayments journey.

Who are FStech?

FStech (formerly known as Financial Sector Technology)is an industry leading website for tech savvy, business decision makers in the financial sector to keep up to date on the happenings in the market. TheFStech Awards have been goingstrong for 23 years and werecreated to celebrate businesses that have showcased brilliance and innovation within the financial market.

About the award

The Anti-Fraud Solution of the Year is anaward that recognises the best anti-fraud strategy implemented both internally and externally by a company within the financial industry, or solution provided by a fintech provider.

Judges are looking for multiple layers of security that protect consumers from scams, ID theft, phishing and other malicious attacks. Alternatively,it could also be defences that aid in avoidance of service attacks, money laundering, employer fraud or chargebacks. These solutions can includefeatures of anti-fraud technology such as ID biometrics, two-factor authentication, or a secure internal process to protect consumers and comply with financial regulations.

Why did MuchBetter win?

As a trustedpayment solution, MuchBetter prides itselfon itsinnovative payments app, the MuchBetter Wallet. This digital wallet creates a simple yet seamless payments process, without compromising on security measures.

MuchBetter aims to protect customer information and funds by eliminating online payments fraud, all while reducing the cost and resources required to prevent, monitor and remediate fraud.

With this goal in mind, the company has several security measures and features in placeto help combatand reduce fraud for their customers.These include:

  • A vigilant onboarding systemincluding in-app ID verification
  • Account statements to enable customers to check in on funds
  • Ability to freeze and unfreeze account
  • Login biometrics – Face and touch ID
  • Password protection
  • Real time notificationsto allow customers to keep a close eye onaccount activities

Eliminating fraud and focusing on asimple yet seamless user experience allows MuchBetter customers a worry-free digital wallet experience, as well as complete peace of mind when it comes to the safety of their account and funds.

MuchBetter Backstory

Launched in 2017, MuchBetter is a fintech company whichoffers payment solutions globally. Since its launch, MuchBetter has been on a mission to revolutionise the payments space with its exciting range of products.

Itsall-in-one payments app, the MuchBetter Wallet,is localised in 17 different languagesandused by 1.1 million customers around the world. The MuchBetterWallet is a secure and convenient way to send, spend and store money, allfrom the comfort of your mobile phone.

To reap the rewards of a truly secure payments journey, join the MuchBetter revolution now by downloading the digital walletapp via the App Store or Google Play. Want to know more? Head to

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