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Ashiana’s 9th Jashn Event Celebrates Senior Citizens’ Youthful Spirit with Fun and Games | The Property Times

  By - Stephen   On 2023-02-28T10:39:00

New Delhi, February 28, 2023: Ashiana Housing Ltd, pioneer in senior living category, hosted its 9th Annual three-day sports and cultural event titled “Jashn” on February 24th – 26th, 2023 at Bhiwadi. Approx 16 events witnessed the participation of 173 active senior citizens from Ashiana’s senior living communities in Bhiwadi, Lavasa-Pune, Chennai, and Jaipur.

Contrary to the notion that senior citizens lead sedentary lives, the seniors at Ashiana Housing lived life to the fullest during the event. They participated in exciting sports activities such as cycling, walking, table tennis, badminton, Sudoku and chess tournaments, in addition to creative and cultural activities such as poster making, singing, dancing, and ramp walks.

The event showcased the theme of “My Glamorous Life Amkita”. It was brought to life by the inspiring individuals who walked the ramp with boundless enthusiasm, showcasing no matter what stage of life one is at, they can live their dreams with passion and determination.

Mr. Ankur Gupta, Joint Managing Director of Ashiana Housing, expressed his happiness at the dedication and excitement of the senior residents for the Jashn event. “Jashn is an event which I eagerly wait for every year. It gives me an opportunity to interact with our residents and witness their exceptional performances, which is always overwhelming,” he shared. He further revealed that high-level participation was seen during the qualifying competitions held in various locations, which prompted the organization to include them in regular events. “Our team puts in a lot of effort to bring it all together and make it successful, and I am incredibly proud of them,” he added.

The senior residents were thrilled to participate in such an event and reminisce about their post-retirement lives. They shared their experiences, memorable moments, and skills, exhibiting their sense of competitiveness and enthusiasm. The event brought together seniors from different senior living communities to celebrate their golden years and cherish life’s precious moments.

One of the participants shared her appreciation for the Jashn event, highlighting the importance of providing senior citizens with a platform to enjoy life to the fullest. She emphasized that “Events like Jashn remind us that we are never too old to have fun and make new memories.”

But Jashn isn’t just about the competitions and awards. It’s about celebrating the golden years of our seniors and providing them with a platform to unite, share their experiences, and create remembrance. It’s about giving them a chance to revive their sense of competitiveness and experience an adrenaline rush even during their retirement years.

Another participant expressed his gratitude for Jashn, saying, “Senior citizens have spent a lifetime working hard, caring for their loved ones, and nurturing the next generation. Ashiana Housing Ltd recognizes the invaluable contributions of these inspiring individuals and honors them with a two-day extravaganza, Jashn, providing them with a platform to celebrate the golden years of their lives.”

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