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Take better care of your plants this spring with this plant ID app for $39 off

  By - Stephen   On 2023-03-19T09:00:00

TL;DR: As of March 19, a lifetime subscription to NatureID Plant Identification Premium Plan(Opens in a new tab) is on sale for only $19.99 instead of the usual $59. That’s 66% in savings.

April showers bring May flowers…but what about plants? Plants can survive all four seasons, it just depends on which ones you choose to grow (and how well you look after them, of course). If you’re more of a novice when it comes to being a “plant parent” there’s a cool AI app for iPhone users that can help you learn more about the plant kingdom (which is officially called “Plantae,” by the way). Go ahead and start developing that green thumb.

With the NatureID Plant Identification Premium Plan’s lifetime subscription, you will be able to accurately identify over 14,000 plants(Opens in a new tab) by taking a photo of any plant (or tree) you see while using the app. It’s regularly $59, but is currently on sale — no coupon code required — for $19.99 for a limited time.

One intuitive feature of the NatureID app is its ability to identify any diseases your plant may have. This insight will guide you through how to help your plants thrive(Opens in a new tab) with the built-in plant care(Opens in a new tab) guide and provide insightful articles within the plant encyclopedia. This way, your sickly looking plant that may or may not be on its last legs has a chance of making a grand recovery. All of this helpful information can be found within the app, making plant care convenient. The app even has a plant journal which helps you set reminders to tend to your plants.

Attention hikers and campers: You can also take photos of trees you see and the app will be able to recognize them. After you take the picture, you’ll see a “recognition in process” screen, followed by a photo with the suggestion of a plant or tree the app recognized. If you want to learn more about the plant or tree, tap “learn more” to read up on it.

You’ll have fun playing around with it and educating yourself, as well as your plant-loving friends. Score lifetime access to the NatureID Plant Identification Premium Plan(Opens in a new tab) while it’s on sale for $19.99 today before this offer wilts away.

Prices subject to change.

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